Why use a personal trainer?

Why use a personal trainer?

Welcome to my first post 🙂

I started a blog in September 2018, but I found it hard to keep it up while focusing on passing my exams. This time, I’m going to link each post to a YouTube video, hopefully, a more engaging experience!

In this post, I wanted to put forward some benefits for investing in a personal trainer.

Just a little intro about me, I’m a level 3 online and private personal trainer based in London. I used to be a personal trainer at 19, but I burnt myself out and decided to leave the industry. I used to also teach studio classes such as Body Pump, Body Combat, Spin and Pilates.

My expertise includes glute building, resistance training and weight loss.

So why use a personal trainer? I’m here to give you a boost and make fitness fun, so if you have a lack of self-motivation, I’m your man. I offer a 45-minute taster to discuss your lifestyle and goals. We can also do a workout of your choice and some appropriate fitness assessments. This is to see if there are any adjustments to be made and see how the body is adapting throughout the programme. We usually re-visit the assessments every six weeks.

I’ll design you a personal fitness plan which is geared towards achieving your goals. I will go through this plan with you making sure you are comfortable and confident in performing each exercise, with safety in mind.

I currently based in a personal training studio, Hackney Wick and Islington. If you hate busy gyms, then this is a great option to train in peace, without having to work around other people.

If you’re interested in shocking your body and getting the results you keep dreaming about, then just fill out the questionnaire on my personal training page and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Much love.

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