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What Is Muscular Fitness & What Are The Benefits?

What Is Muscular Fitness & What Are The Benefits?

What is the definition of muscular fitness?

This is the term given for the general health of the muscle, which includes endurance, hypertrophy (size) and strength.

The benefits

Dependant on your fitness goals, I would personally recommend a dominant resistance training programme over cardiorespiratory. This is because improving muscular fitness has far more advantages in our day to day living and helps combat the loss of muscle due to ageing. More benefits of muscular fitness include:

  • Muscle builder
  • Reduction of body fat, this could mean no change in weight as muscle weighs more than fat
  • Stronger ligaments and bones
  • Reduces the rate of osteoporosis
  • Posture improvement
  • Improve the resting metabolic rate
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Improved neural adaptations

The general minimum guidelines for developing muscular fitness is to train twice a week for around 20-minutes a session, performing 8-10 exercises, covering large muscle groups and completing one set of 8-12 repetitions, at 75% of our 1RM (repitition maximum) [1].

[1] American College of Sports Medicine 2006

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