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"Ben is a really dedicated trainer who set me up with a great programme and worked really hard to make it work for me. He's very knowledgeable and has a solid basis in all the science behind his training, which was really reassuring. I've learned heaps and definitely feel like I've progressed in my 12 weeks working with him."
Daniel Bennett
Digital Marketing

“…thanks so much for this post… I need to work my glutes… you gave me the answer”

“Thank you for posting the workout videos. I’ve been using them to get back in better shape”

“Honestly I’ve been doing your exercises… want to thank you for an amazing job”

“I have to say that I love your videos”

“…I use your butt workouts religiously haha ;)”

“Love your fitness videos”

“I actually love these clips. It gives me new things to try in the gym”

“I’ve been doing your glute and leg workouts, so good and easy to follow!!!”

“They are very helpful… you have inspired me to start working out again. I look forward to seeing more”

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