MyPTHub, The Best Workout App For An Online Personal Trainer

MyPTHub, The Best Workout App For An Online Personal Trainer

Now I get it, there are so many apps out there doing a similar kinda thing, but MyPTHub was voted the best app for personal trainers, so naturally, I want to be apart of the hype.

I believe there’s still a place for one on one or online personal training. It depends on your experience and which you prefer personally. I guess with the number of free resources and fitness advice, people are feeling more confident working out on their own. This is kinda bad news for a personal trainer like me, but great news knowing I can give you a new boost and design you a plan to confidently execute and log on your own. Maybe you lack self-motivation, this app has everything ready for you to get going.

I base all my pre-made plans, online and private personal training through this easy to use app, suitable for both men and women, beginners or experienced. You can take your plan anywhere in the world, it’s Fitbit friendly and there are video demonstrations in case you get stuck. I can also easily schedule your daily workout calendar so you know exactly when and what you are training. All your measurements can be logged in the app, along with your progress pics, to keep track of how great you are doing.

You can use the app to exercise at home or in the gym, there’s plenty of exercises to choose from and it gives alternatives if the gym is quite busy.

The app is safe for both iOS and Android and an invitation will be sent to you once you purchase a plan.

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