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What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer?

I’m here to take you out of your comfort zone, give you a massive kick up the bum and be with you every step of the way. It’s my job to make fitness fun, give you the best service and make sure all the exercises are geared towards your goals and executed efficiently and safely. You are more likely to stick to a plan and achieve your goals quicker with a personal trainer.


Is my fitness level high enough to work with a personal trainer?

Yes, I am trained to work with a wide range of fitness abilities. I can make the programme more challenging when I feel you are ready. I will ask you to complete a PAR-Q exercise prepared questionnaire and I will also take your blood pressure. If you pass these then you are good to go!


How many times do I see a personal trainer?

It depends on your goal and when you would like to achieve them by. It also depends on your budget which we can discuss at your taster session.


Do I have to undertake a minimum amount of exercise sessions per week?

I recommend seeing me for a minimum of once a week so we can keep on track. There are minimum guidelines for health and fitness set by the American School of Medicine which we can work towards if you’re starting out. The more time and effort you put into training, the quicker you will get results.


What should I look for in a personal trainer?

Someone personable who will make fitness fun. Someone who pays attention to you and your safety. Someone who keeps up to date with the latest science-backed evidence to give you the most effective strategy for training. Finally, someone who will push you and get you out of your comfort zone.


How long do personal training sessions go on for?

They usually last 1 hour unless you have paid for more time.


I work shifts. Is the personal trainer flexible on training times?

Yes, of course, let’s work out scheduling together and see when suits you.


I am currently injured, is the personal trainer qualified enough to help with a rehabilitation plan?

If you’re currently injured, your GP will let you know if you need to rest more, see a specialist or whether you’re fit enough to see a qualified personal trainer.


Can I only have a few sessions?

You can book in one-hour slots with me to see if personal training is right for you.


Does online personal training work?

Yes, it does! People who use online training usually have some gym experience already and need a push or some new inspiration. To keep on track, we will have weekly check-ins to see how you’re getting on. Everything is logged in an easy to use app. You can take your programme anywhere and watch video demonstrations if you get stuck.


What days and times can I book in ONE ON ONE?

I currently work all day Saturday and Sunday.


What is a free consultation? How do I book in?

I’m offering 45 minutes free to discuss your lifestyle and goals. It’s a chance for us to meet face to face, to see how we work together and for you to see the gym space. We can go through some appropriate fitness assessments and do a select workout of your choice. You can book in taster via the calendar on the personal training page.


What if I need to cancel a session?

Please give me 48-hours notice.


What if I am running late?

Just keep me in the loop, I know London is hectic at times. After our taster, I can share with you my WhatsApp number.


Do I need to purchase any equipment for the programme?

If you are a gym member then not necessarily as the majority of gyms have a wide range of equipment. If you only work out at home then the plan will cater to your needs.


What types of training are on offer?

I cover all aspects of health and fitness however I do specialise in glute building, resistance training and weight loss.


What exercises will we do? I am worried they’ll be too difficult.

We will start with a dynamic warm-up to get the body geared for exercise. We will then move into our main component, which will usually include weight training, which will be adjusted to your ability.


Can I bring a friend or relative or do you offer group training?

Yes, of course. Please be mindful your individual work out time will naturally be less.


Do I have to undertake a minimum amount of sessions per week?

I recommend a minimum of once a week paid personal training, so we can keep on track to reach your goals. Our goal is to meet specific guidelines to improve overall health and fitness. For example, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests to improve cardiorespiratory health, we need to train a minimum of 3-5 times per week.


Will I have an initial fitness assessment?

We can yes, but it’s entirely up to you. This sets a baseline of figures, and we can revisit the assessment every six weeks to see how your body is adapting.


How will my progress be assessed?

Firstly, I usually go through posture and see if there are any muscular
imbalances. I then take your body measurements using a tape measure. We will then use my digital scales which gives me a wide range of readings, such as body fat and muscle mass percentage.

We can also test your muscular endurance if that suits you. An example would be performing as many squats with perfect form for 2 minutes. We can then see how your muscular endurance is improving after 6 weeks.


Can a personal trainer provide plans for when I’m on holiday?

Yes, I use MyPTHub app so you are able to take your plan anywhere in the world.


Does personal training cover nutrition?

I do cover nutrition as a separate hourly fee cost. This covers completing a food diary for a week for me to analyse. I can then give you a new target to work towards and some recommendations. Once I am more aware of your food lifestyle choices, I can start designing your meal plans. If you have specific dietary requirements we can work with a dietitian or nutritionist. 


Will the personal trainer put me on a diet or stop me smoking/drinking?

I don’t believe in fad diets just small changes one at a time, to make a long-lasting lifestyle change. There are countless benefits to stopping smoking and drinking. I can only recommend you to cut down smoking and alcohol to help achieve your goals quicker and improve your overall health, it’s entirely up to you.


Can the personal trainer come to my home?

I don’t own a vehicle in London, so this option is limited unless you can host the equipment.


Does a personal trainer require a doctor’s certificate?

No, we are not medically trained. We have specific health guidelines to follow before someone can start exercising. If I feel this isn’t met, I will need to refer you to a GP for a double check.


What are the personal trainer’s qualifications?

I’m a level 3 REPs and CIMSPA certified.


What insurance do they have?

I am fully insured with Insure4Sport.



Training starts at £50 an hour, and I offer a discount when you buy block bookings. They have a 3-6 month expiry date to help encourage you to keep on track.


How and when do I pay?

I can send you a link to download the MyPTHub app. All payments can be made through this. Payment needs to be made before we start our sessions.


Can I get a refund?

There is a no refund policy however for special circumstances, such as medical, the course can be frozen.


It’s far more expensive than joining a gym, right?

Well, it depends on which gym you go for! London gym memberships can vary from £20-£300 per month. Gyms are getting busier and busier. I offer personal training in a private London studio, so it’s perfect if you struggle with these busy gyms. You will guarantee to get a full workout as every machine will be free for you to use. I also hope you can feel more comfortable training without the feeling of other people watching.


I have never worked out before is this a problem?

Not at all, my one on one training can cater to all fitness levels. It’s my responsibility to assess your current fitness level and plan a plan which suits your needs. 


Will it hurt?

There’s muscular pain, and there’s pain. We put muscles under a certain amount of stress to help the body adapt to the new stimulus. You will feel the muscles work and you will feel the muscles a couple of days later which is called DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness).


Do I need a doctor’s note or similar?

If you have completed a PAR-Q health questionnaire without any concerns and your blood pressure reading is in a normal range, then you are good to go.


What should I wear?

Loose clothing is helpful to complete the full range of motion of an exercise. Also, something to help you cool down from sweating. To be honest, you can wear what you want, a leotard or superman outfit, just no bare feet or high heels.


How long will I take to see the effects of training?

If you are new to exercise, the body can adapt very quickly and you can usually see results within three weeks. The more advanced you become, the harder it is to see results.


I’m too fat/unfit/old to have a personal trainer.

Doesn’t matter! I am confident I will get you results, no matter of size, ability and age.


How experienced do I need to be to buy a plan?

Online programmes are not for complete beginners with no gym experience. Some gym experience is needed. The app gives you video demonstrations for each exercise if you get stuck.


Do the plans come with visual guidance?

The full package comes with an app which has video demonstrations for each exercise. If you’re experienced in the gym, I’ve also given options to purchase without the app. Please be mindful these don’t come with visual guidance, just written exercises.


Do I need to purchase any equipment for the programme?

You need access to a gym which hosts a wide range of equipment. If you purchase Ben’s Booty Bootcamp then some resistance bands are recommended, but not essential.


Can I get a refund?

I’m afraid there’s a strict no refund policy on the plans. Don’t hesitate to contact me beforehand with any queries.


Do you have a sample workout?

Check the website soon as I’ll be giving the opportunity to try the workout for 1 day for £1.


What exercises will I do?Am I worried they’ll be too difficult.

With the Complete Muscle plan, we will train the 11 major movement patterns, mainly through compound exercises. Three examples include horizontal push (bench press), vertical pull (wide lat pulldown) and elbow flexion (bicep curl). 

The Kick-Start Beginner plan will focus on fixed weight machines then gradually move up to free weights. Everything is done gradually!


How and when do I pay?

Once you have selected the plan, payment will be taken through the MyPTHub app.


Do I have to undertake a minimum amount of sessions per week?

The Complete Muscle programme is a 4-days per week plan and Kick-Start Beginner is 3-days per week.



6-week PLAN

12-week PLAN

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